As the lead creative team on Netflix US and CA social, we created over 500 assets in the span of a year and a half. From hilarious to serious, we needed to create content that would promote key Netflix titles and generate brand love. With all of the Netflix catalogue as our toolbox, we tried to remix and mashup shows in ways that our fans had never seen before.

These are a few of our greatest hits.

In 2017, Netflix hosted a press event called “There’s Never Enough TV.” to promote an influx of shows and hit back against haters. This fake infomercial kicked off the day and set the tone for Netflix's stance on creating more Original content.

While working on the Netflix US Social account, I had the opportunity to write a few quick scripts with actors/actresses that I really admire. I was lucky enough that Terry Crews and Michael Kelly were both totally fine with yelling at paying Netflix customers.

Sometimes a small, inconsequential title like Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere deserves a blockbuster event on social. For one day, Bob Ross took over the social feeds to remind everyone that mistakes are just happy little accidents.

Finally, these two videos reimagined shows in the Netflix catalogue. For Master of None, we recut all the food footage in the show into a fake trailer parodying Chef's Table. Meanwhile, for Dear White People, we cut together multiple episodes to highlight the most powerful scene in the show.